Our Story

The idea for 4D4 Technologies was originally envisaged by one of the founders over 15 years ago, but the technology was not available at the time. The idea re-germinated sometime ago, during discussions with a client in UAE who was sitting on vast amounts of geospatial data since the 1970’s, and wanted to meaningfully use it. Soon after we encountered yet another client, who had a different problem with their massive volumes of spatial and non-spatial data. We knew there was a clear opportunity to deliver Deep Insights using an approach very different from those offered by traditional GIS or Analytics service providers.

Shortly thereafter, we established an alliance with a cutting edge technology firm, who are utilizing deep learning AI technologies to solve specific needs of the Agriculture industry. It is our intent to leverage this platform to turbocharge our solution development to address a multitude of other identified sectors. In parallel, we also aligned with niche technology firms delivering innovative iOT as well as Oracle, SAP and IBM Maximo services, thereby enabling 4D4 to appreciate the best of the traditional and the new, and design coherent solutions that deliver deep insights to our customers.

Our Approach

The Team

The founding team comprises a combination of Business and Technology experts, who have been associated with the GIS, Remote Sensing and IT industry across the world for over 20 years. They have worked with some of the leading global organizations in the GIS and IT Services space in senior management.

Strategic Partnership

DSM Soft is a 28 year old leading global provider of GIS, Geospatial, Telematics and BIM services, with an employee strength of over 550 personnel.

Technology Partnership

4D4 Technologies is the authorised distributor of EOS Positioning Systems in the Middle East for the sales and service of Arrow range of GNSS, GPS receivers, and related solutions.