4D4 is a spatial intelligence software company. We have a dedicated team consolidated under the 4D4 Insights division. Precision digital schemes, combined with the right analytical software solutions for infrastructure such as energy and roads enable virtual decisions that drive safety, reliability and productivity. This spatial framework enables the emergent Internet of Things (iOT) to interact with previously disconnected infrastructure, thereby ensuring the virtual environment current with real-world conditions using existing, newly sensed and crowd-sourced data.

Advanced Analytics

Predictive Analysis

Our predictive analytics products and high-performance analytics models convert data into predictive insights, thereby enabling your organisation to alleviate threats, uncover hidden patterns, anticipate emerging trends, and make informed decisions.


Artificial Intelligence

A key strength of the 4D4 Insights team is Artificial Intelligence solutions leveraging advanced machine intelligence and software. Our data scientists and analytics experts are qualified and experienced in developing AI applications using the modern tools and technologies


Business Intelligence Dashboards

Business Intelligence

Business Insights for everyone – is a predominant theme at 4D4 Insights. We offer insights to support day to day business functions that enable business leaders to take smart decisions. We enable our clients to create and access business intelligence and analytics reports without needing specialised IT expertise. We offer innovative solutions for market verticals like Municipalities, Utilities, Land departments, Environment agencies, Retail and Banking

Data Visualization

Explore and visualize big data. Get in-depth understanding of complex concepts and intricate patterns. 4D4 Insights offers insightful visualization solutions to extract value from complex business data using market leading tools like Qlik, Tableau and ESRI Insights.