4D4 offers UAV based solutions for survey of facilities and assets inspection, surveillance across multiple sectors. Our industry specific UAV solutions include:

3D City GIS


  • Highly accurate 3D models for municipalities and government agencies
  • GIS data update for precise visualization
  • Manage frequently changing areas through regular updates
  • Analytical applications delivering insights




  • Crop health monitoring
  • Water stress and chlorophyll detection, and vegetation indices such as NDVI
  • Monitoring of irrigation systems
  • Inspection of soil moisture and temperature
  • Plantation counting and statistics such as density




  • Airport Asset Management
  • Air Corridor monitoring/enforcement against unauthorized activity and infringements




  • Asset inspection
  • Asset maintenance solutions using machine learning
  • Inspection of infrastructure build locations
  • Water reservoir volumetrics
  • Submerged aquatic vegetation (SAV) and emergent aquatic vegetation(EAV) in water utility infrastructure




  • Volumetric analysis, land use, land cover, 3D mine modeling
  • Mining Asset Management, change detection, slope studies, tenement mapping
  • Mine planning, waste dump, tailing pond, afforestation, and environmental change detection