Making your Data Work for you

Do you see your spatial and non spatial data growing day-by-day and posing you a question - Am I effectively utilising and deriving maximum value from all of this available data to improve my business operations?

Delivering Geo-enabled Solutions

Is knowing the exact location of your asset, events, workforce, important for your business? If yes, then we are an expert in Geo-enabling business processes and deliver “location intelligent” solutions.

Analysing Data, Delivering Insights

Are you embracing analytics, making it a cornerstone capability of your strategies, or are you still wondering which Analytics or Dashboard solution is appropriate for you?

No matter the stage you are in, our experienced team of Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Big Data Consultants can enable taking your operations to the next level.




4D4 Technologies aspires to disrupt and transform the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) industry by offering solutions that leverage Cognitive Computing & Artificial Intelligence (AI), in order to deliver Spatial Analytics & Insights as never before- what we term as 4D Powered Spatial Insights, for

  • Agriculture
  • Retail & Logistics
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Aviation

Our technology prowess span both traditional GIS like ESRI ArcGIS, QGIS, AutoCAD, Microstation, and solutions from SAP, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft. However, we can also combine this with our Deep learning and Cloud vision expertise, that allows us to design unique solutions to our client's custom use cases.

We partner with some of the leading technology organisations and consultancies in the GIS, IT and Analytics industry in the Middle East, and deliver this fourth dimension to their existing portfolio.

We also deliver traditional GIS solutions,  IT System Integration, Telematics, Dashboarding as well as Geospatial data management and photogrammetry services, leveraging some of the most experienced talent in the industry.

At 4D4 , we believe there is no such thing as insurmountable challenges. There are only exciting opportunities to deliver value.